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Sarah Palin's Alaska
I watched the first show and I'm sorry I did.

Sure, it had 5 minutes of gorgeous Alaskan scenery,
but it was all about
the Publicity Whore dragging her disabled child onto a small boat so they could
show how great Mom was, how brave Mom was, how smart Mom was, etc.

I'm surprised it was so blatantly political.

They showed her talking to O'Reilly over a satellite hookup.
She complained about the lamestream media (of which FOX is king) and she
whined about the neighbor who was infringing on her privacy by reading a
book on his front porch.

They also showed how she was poisoning her kids to think the world
was out to get them.  It reminded me of one of those compounds in Texas
where the children dare not be exposed to the "evil outside world" because
they might pick up the thought that Mom isn't God and we can't have that.

Then, for no goddamn reason at all, a helicopter pilot showed up to fly
Sarah and her I-know-my-place husband Todd to a mountain so Sarah
could show us how she climbs Alaska's steep and dangerous mountains.

Of course, the camera angles were such that we never saw how high
they were  - all the shots of Sarah were shot super-close-up - so there
was no context as far as the "dangers" she was facing on the mountain.
Sarah talked to her climbing guide and the camera, but never her husband.

But it was extra-stupid because they wanted us to think that, on any given
Tuesday, you're likely to find brave Sarah and her rugged individualism climbing
a mountain or staring down a Mama Grizzly, which is all well and good if you
can afford to quit your job and hire an adoring camera crew follow you around
and catch you "just being yourself."

All in all, it was really poorly done.
Paris and Nicole did it better - and funnier - on The Simple Life four years ago.



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