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Scent of fear for GOP


You see Utah's Bob Bennett, who had a few moments of apostasy in the congregation's eyes 
and dared to bow at the altar of bipartisanship, and he is brutally excommunicated.

You see McCain, who couldnít please the faithful as a presidential nominee and now is campaigning 
as a Joe Arpaio disciple, and he may be the next to be expelled from the Church of the Conservatives.

We see Sue Lowden and Brian Sandoval, who are desperately trying to preach the right gospel 
and make the parishioners sing along, and yet they are getting crushed in straw poll after straw poll.

For what itís worth, the moderate-cleansing in the Republican Party could pay off in the short run for the 
candidates who can deliver the best conservative sermons and fool some of the small electoral universe 
on June 8. But four weeks before voters who donít cast ballots early go to the polls, you can almost 
smell it in the air in the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial primaries - the scent of uncertainty, even of fear...

They say "incumbents" are in trouble, but I'm not buying it - yet.
Radical Teabaggers control the GOP primaries and that's about it.

How can the TBs be made happy when they don't know what they're demanding?

It's real possible that the TBs are the GOP's Naderites - wouldn't that be fun to watch?

Also fun, wouldn't it be funny if the TBs saved Harry Reid by splitting the Nevada handjob vote?

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