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Subject: The World's #2 Scientist in 9/11 Research

Bart, thanks for printing my letter yesterday.
You are a strong man, and I appreciate it. You're gonna get emails.

The thing about the CIA, infinite budget and years is true in a general
sense and in one specific sense.  You have to find an organization
with money and access to advanced weapons. It might have been
the CIA, but most of the theories that the CIA were involved include
the plane crash plus bombs scenario.

Most 9/11 truthers think that the CIA was involved because they can't
think of any other way that the planes could have evaded interception
and the security of the WTC breached for long enough to wire the buildings
with bombs. Neither of these happened, and most truthers have a mental
breakdown when confronted with this.

How the WTC was destroyed is connected 100% to who did it, like
every other crime. Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, and Richard Gage
have presented a superficially plausible theory of bombs plus planes
that falls apart when seriously scrutinized. No images of "molten metal
in the basement of the WTC" have ever been found, and worse for
their theory, many people survived the dust cloud that rolled down
the building (so it couldn't have been extremely hot).

Remember the people they found trapped in Stairwell B of WTC 2
after a day or two? The electrical weapon missed that spot.
Cascading showers of molten metal would have killed them, and
were not evident in the videos of the final destruction of the buildings

Science doesn't allow you to prove anything. It just lets you disprove
things. Planes? Disproved. Bombs? Disproved. Electrical weapon?
Still out there. Not disproved.

I would dump the electrical weapon theory the moment it was disproved.
9/11 truthers don't attempt to disprove this theory (because the vast
majority of them are not scientists and do not know exactly what constitutes
disproving anything). All they do is name-calling, which comes from
their anxiety about not really knowing what happened and having wasted
years of their lives pursuing a faulty theory.

Remember when I was interested in TV Video Fakery for a while?
It takes a large amount of scientific integrity to know when you've
been going down a false trail and do what's required to correct yourself,
as I did in that case.

Highest regards,

Tracy Postert, PhD

The World's #2 Scientist in 9/11 Research


To discover who is #1  please visit and extensively examine the blog of Dr. Judy Wood.

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