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Subject: Losing your health insurance 

<>I now have personal knowledge of the consequences of having no health insurance.

A couple with children, he worked construction till the phony housing boom went bust.
She had migraines, blinding ones.  Because they had no insurance she wound up in the ER, twice. 
It totalled nearly $10,000 after all was said and done, for both trips and follow-up.

Then she got a sore throat that was pretty severe and a migraine but she held off because
they had no health insurance.   When she was so ill she couldn't move he took her to the ER.
That was no migraine, it was one of the symptoms of strep throat, the worst strain. 

It had spread and now she was in mortal danger. Some medicine they gave her caused
her blood flow to her limbs to be restricted and she had to have both arms and legs amputated.

I spoke to her today while she was at the hospital, she and her father.
She's 40 years old with two children 12 and 14, and, due to other complications that
have surfaced, she's dying.  Her husband is always out trying to scare up some work,
they've lost their house and go to food banks so as not be a burden on her father.

All because they didn't have health insurance; a sore throat that really was something far worse.
It's something that could happen to anyone, us, those we love, the good people down the street
you don't too well, even the cranky guy who scowls all the time but keeps his yard neat and tidy. 

But should it?
I don't have the time or the stomach to debate or dialogue with morons.
I am no longer able to tolerate stupidity and greed or, especially, ideological purity.
As a nation we have pissed away countless lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, our own and others,
many, innocent victims, to the tune of trillions of dollars.  There is 18 billion dollars in Iraq
we have no idea where it went; how much in Afghanistan?

Corporations, some of the biggest who pay ZERO income tax, are sitting on over a trillion
dollars in reserve, waiting for the despised government to bail them out again and again,
while that same government tells the rest of us to suck it up?

And there are people who think the ultra-rich should get tax breaks, keep the ones junior
and his cronies gave them while most of us pay more relative to our earnings than they ever have?

Yet there is no money for the public good?  There has never been this much money in the world.
Now take this poor woman's plight and multiply it.
Common decency and common sense should recoil from this.
Try and think about what a common good means and how to achieve it.
Sel in Jax


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