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Subject: Slick Operators, those BP bastards

This older documentary on BP is very insightful. BP operates under one set of safety standards 
in Europe - much higher - and another set of safety standards in United States - much lower or non-existant. 

BP finds it's cheaper to operate in noncompliance of safety standards and pay occasional fines in the US
simply because they can get away with it - American officials are greedy and easy to bribe. 

Atom Spiegel Blog 

On January 20, 1990 a Channel 4 documentary series called Scottish Eye aired Slick Operators. 
The documentary tells the story of BPs role in the Exxon Valdez oil spill and their lies in the aftermath of the spill. 
Sadly it is still very relevant today. BP is the largest owner of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and was responsible for 
many of the failures that led to the catastrophe in Prince William Sound. They claimed that many of the safety measures
they were supposed to have in place would have been impossible, yet they were using them at an oil terminal in Scotland. 

Documentary in 4 parts, 25 minutes.! 

Thanks to Astrocat

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