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Today's primaries - Sneak preview of November?



1. What will the race to fill Democratic Rep. John Murtha’s House seat in Pennsylvania tell us about November? 
Democrat Mark Critz and Republican Tim Burns are neck and neck.

2. What will undecided voters do in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary? 
With 40 percent planning to vote for "I dunno," the race between Sen. Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak is too close to call. 

3. Should Mitch the Bitch take it personally that his chosen candidate is likely to lose the Kentucky GOP Senate primary? 
The polls show Teabagger Rand Paul is ahead of state Secretary of State Trey Grayson, The Bitch's boy, by double digits

4. If Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) of Arkansas survives her primary battle, does she go into the general election battle-weary? 
Probably, given that she may not get the majority of votes in her primary with Bill Halter. She may face a runoff on June 8. 

I'm seeing this Teabagger "challenge" differently than most pundits.
I see them creating havoc in the GOP and that's about all.

Mitch the Bitch should be worried that his clout means nothing back home.
Teabaggers are going to be stronger in GOP hellholes like OK, MS, KY, TX, FL, UT. etc

But I predict the states that made slavery illegal will have no major teabagging problems. 

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