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Soccer's beer-war ambush
 Mini-dresses not allowed to grab attention 


Two Dutch women have been arrested and are due to appear in court in Johannesburg, 
facing possible charges linked to a suspected ambush market campaign by brewer Bavaria at a World Cup tie.

“These women, who have been part of a larger group, are suspected to be involved in organized acts 
to conduct unlawful commercial activities during the Denmark Netherlands match on Monday,” South African 
police said in a statement on Wednesday.

The arrests come after FIFA questioned a group of 36 Dutch women who were bored to death watching the 
Netherlands play Denmark in Soccer City stadium on Monday in skimpy orange dresses. 

The dresses produced by family-owned Dutch brewer Bavaria caught the eye of experts on the lookout 
for ambush marketing campaigns.

Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser is the official beer for the tournament and world soccer’s governing body
fiercely protects its sponsors from brands which are not FIFA partners.

FIFA has started legal proceedings against the Dutch brewer.

I'm so old, I remember when Budweiser was an American company.

Growing up in St Louis (Dad was a baseball writer for the Sporting News  we went to lots 
of Cardinal games and some of my earliest memories were being at the game and whenever 
a Cardinal hit a home run, the giant neon Budweiser Golden Eagle (mighta been thirty feet tall) 
would come alive on the scoreboard and flap his wings up and down.

Pretty impressive stuff for a kid with a 16-inch black-and-white TV back at home.
Plus, the Budweiser Eagle only came alive when the stadium was screaming in an orgy of joy. 

Now they're a Dutch company reduced to "tricks with fur" to get attention they didn't pay for.

BTW, Tally was going to write about the World Cup Soccer 
but she thought I might mock her, so she has declined.

Would *I* mock a short-pants sport?

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