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Some Dems do well after health vote 
 Story hddden deeeeep in your news stack, if it's there at all


House Dems who switched their votes to help pass health care saw their political contributions rise this year..
They also outraised their Republican challengers during the first three months of 2010.

The whore media told us health care was POISON - turns out backing your president is popular.

Their fundraising advantage comes as the Democrats' reported a $21 million edge over Republicans in cash available. 
The DCCC's Ryan Rudominer said passing health care "energized" donors

House Rethugs $8 million in March to the Democrats' $9.8 million.

Looks like the majority wanted health care like all the polls said.
The Teabaggers are trying to kill what the majority wants!

Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey - who went from "no" to "yes" on health care - raised the most,  more than $500,000. 
That's twice as much as Markey was able to raise in the previous quarter. 

You see?
All these yellow-bellied Blue Dogs had to do was stick with their president!

Do you think our backstabbing Democrats learned anything from this?

Hell, no, they're incapable of learning.


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