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Where are the prosecutors?
 Eliot Spitzer wonders about Obama  by Joe Conason


If Eliot Spitzer is truly on the road to rebirth as a politician, the single issue that he still owns is financial wrongdoing. 
Eradicating the scams he once prosecuted as New York attorney general, before such chicanery brought down the 
national (and global) economy, is not only popular but essential. While Spitzer makes no excuses for himself, his 
advocates have suggested that the former governorís powerful Wall Street enemies gave a hard push to the prostitution 
scandal that forced his resignation.

Whether or not Spitzer believes there was a conspiracy against him, he shows no signs of backing down from his 
old adversaries. Today on New Deal 2.0, the news and opinion website of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, 
he and Bill Black, the economist and scholar who is among the nationís leading experts on financial fraud, launch a 
broadside at Goldman Sachs and former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, among others, and more or less
insist that the public interest demands indictments...

But our president, much as we like him, isn't into "looking backwards" or "assigning blame."

He figures if he's nice to them...

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