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Stern fans 'terrorize' Dr. Laura
She mishandled the callers 100%  MAJOR Language ALERT


Howard Stern Show fans unleashed their unique brand of fire and brimstone on Dr. Laura Tuesday
with a slew of prank calls laced with profanity, lewd taunts and Baba Booeys.

Howard Stern Show pranksters including Richard Christy, High Pitch Eric and many others
called in to give Dr. Laura the business yesterday.

Laura received at least 15 calls from Stern fans during Tuesday's
live broadcast which included the following comments:

"Do you have any twat cream you f---ing c--t?...Howard has real fans, you have no one...
Do you have any twat cream you f---ing bitch?...Do you have twat cream? I’m asking you a question."

"Would you have sex with an oversized stuffed elephant?"       ha ha  Did he mean Limbaugh?

"My wife keeps making fun of me and I chopped her up little pieces and stuffed her
in my trunk today and I was wondering if I could bury her in your yard, you c--t."

According to Stern's Wednesday broadcast, she handled this in all the wrong ways.

The caller would say, "You're such an awful f-ing c-word," and Laura would reply,
"Is that all you got?" so the caller would say, "No, you're an ugly old c-word, too,"
and Laura would say, "Is that all you got?" and the abuse would continue.

I predict today's ratings will be Laura's highest since she started at Sirius 3 weeks ago.


I don't really condone this, but:
1. If anyone deserves this, it's Laura.
2. She moved to satellite so she'd have the "freedom" to say "Nigger, nigger, nigger,"
and along with her  Freedom of Speech comes the callers' Freedom of Speech.
3. I assume she's learned her lesson, but the Stern fans are experts at prank calling
so there's no escaping this.  Her "Is that all you got?" strategery isn't going to work
because today and from now on the callers will be ready with multiple abuse lines.

I'm going to listen to Laura today for the first time in a loooooong time and if they
have audio episodes to download you might hear some of this abuse in BCR 165.


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