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Is Stern working with Dr Laura?
Some things don't add up - plus, Bart vs Harpie on abortion

I went over to the Stern Fan Network (they hate Stern) and thery have a theory:

They say Dr Laura's Tuesday show was some of the best radio of all time.
Caller after calling getting in shots against the Queen Harpie and all she could do was take it.

(I'd really like to hear that if someone has a copy.)

The SFN pointed out that, apparently, ONLY Stern employees got thru to harrass her.
Did they have a special phone number to get access?
I assume all radio stations have caller ID on their call-in phones,
so that would mean Laura KNEW these calls were coming and accepted them
so they could scream the c-word at her, allegedly to get her better ratings.

Did Sirius XM ask Stern to help Laura out with free publicity?

I could forgive Stern for that, since all his guys did was scream the c-word
at the biggest c-word in America, that sounds like three hours of tremendous fun.

But how would Laura square that with her gullible sheep fans?

What if her fans found out she intentionally picked up that private line so Stern's
jackals could scream the most vile insults imaginable, and trust me, Stern's people
can deliver insults like maybe nobody else in radio.

So I listened to that crazy sow for hours yesterday and NO UGLY CALLS got thru,
at least not in the hours I was listening. 

What does that mean?
Laura went from the worst call screener of all time to the best - in 21 hours?


Her show hasn't changed a bit.
She lied and made shit up and misled those poor stupid sheep again and again.
Wednesday's show was primarily about abortion and she lied, lied, lied.

I'd pay $1,000 to get locked in a small room with Queen Harpie
with a live, uncensored microphone when the subject was abortion.
(BTW, Laura never mentioned how many abortions she's had.)

She kept saying people should "choose life," and I though about
how totally disingenuous she was framing the question that way.

If you own a car, you're not "choosing life" because you could kill
someone if you drive unfocused for a few seconds.

If you own a swimming pool, you're not "choosing life" because
some neighbor's kid could die in your backyard.

If you own a gun, you're not "choosing life" because
some neighbor's kid could die in your bedroom.

If you have electricity on your home, you're not "choosing life"
because a child could stick a fork in a socket and die.

Bottom line:
Abortion is the price we pay for a woman's reproductive freedom.
Cars kill people, but that's the price we pay for self-mobility.
Guns kill people, but that's the price we pay for self-defense.
Pools kill people, but that's the price we pay for backyard fun.

But Queen Harpie can't play by the rules.
Like Rush and every other Repug, she has to lie and cheat to make a point.

That's also why Rush, Laura and FOX News lean Right.
Because the Right is too stupid to call them on their inconsistency.

Plus yesterday, just to be a contrarian bitch, she went against every caller.

One lady said her husband joined the military at 16 and he was getting out soon
after a loooong career and they decided to retire and buy a house.  But instead,
her husband put an ad on Craigs List and moved in with a 22-year old tramp.

What did Laura say?
Laura told her to forgive him because he was confused and scared about the
future and she needed to show him more love and compassion.

Really Laura?
I'm so old, I remember when you disliked cheating husbands.

Another lady called in and said her husband wants to go to "Boy's Night in Vegas"
with his single friends and Laura said, "What's wrong with that?"

The lady said, "I'm worried about the hookers and the lap dances,"
and Laura got upset and accused her of changing her story.

Really, Laura?

Crazy ass Laura, she'll take whatever position that conflicts with her caller.
Too bad an Obama hater didn't call her. :)



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