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Steve Martin Angry Over Show Refund
Crowd throws fit over super-unfunny show


STEVE MARTIN is upset after learning his fans were offered a refund over a flop discussion session
with the funnyman (are they kidding?) earlier this week.

The actor was interviewed by New York Times Sunday writer Deborah Solomon in front of an audience
at the 92nd Street Y venue in Manhattan on Monday evening (29Nov10).

However, the hour-long chat centred mainly on Martin's passion for art rather than his star status
 - and organisers offered ticket-holders their money back.

Executive director Sol Adler says, "Our decision to offer a refund was a direct response to numerous
complaints we received about how the interview itself was conducted. We planned for a more
comprehensive discussion and we, too, were disappointed with the evening."

Martin admits he's upset over the incident, describing the refund offer as "discourteous".

If Steve Martin refunded money every time he wasn't funny he'd never work again.

Steve Martin is a damn funny guy - 30 years ago.
Once he got super-rich he turned into Jay leno and Coco (not a compliment.)

I don't hate the man - and I'd be willing to let it go but
I'm so tired of hearing about what a "comedy genius" he is.

When was the last time he was in a funny movie?
Better yet - when's the last time a Steve Martin movie made money?



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