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Stewart Rally no laughing matter
  by Anne the Party Pooper

 Whore Post 

I don’t know about you, but my heart sank when I read about Jon Stewart’s Million Moderate March,
planned for the Mall next weekend. My heart sank further when I learned that liberal groups, lacking any
better ideas, have decided to take this endeavor seriously. It’s bad enough that the only way to drum up
enthusiasm for a "Rally to Restore Sanity" is to make it into a television comedian’s joke. But it’s far worse
 that the "moderates" in attendance will have been bused in by Arianna Huffington and organized by People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

<piles and piles of off-topic complaints>

Which is why this Jon Stewart rally is such a gloomy development. I'm sure his Million Moderate March,
if it happens, will be amusing, and I wouldn't want to spoil the fun by calling it "tragic." But if that's the
best the center can do, then "blackly humorous" wouldn't be that far off.

Lady, you may have set a new record for nonsensical horseshit.
You used a lot of words but you didn't say anything.

A talented comedian holds a rally to make the crying Nazi look stupid and your heart sinks?
What should make your heart sink is Jon Stewart (and the blogs) is all we've got.

Today's Democrats are too inept to slice bread and they're scared little nancyboys, to boot.
Thank Koresh that Jon Stewart takes his job more seriously than Democrats in congress.

...and what did you mean "If it happens?"

I'm a gambling man and I say it's going to happen.


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