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Stimulus saved up to 3M jobs
But the Teabaggers want the "evil government" to back off 

Whore Street Journal 

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday Obama's stimulus plan has increased
the number of employed Americans by between 1.4 million to 3.3 million during the second quarter.

The CBO, in a report released Tuesday, said the Obama's plan has lowered the unemployment rate
by up to 1.8% and raised the level of gross domestic product by up to 4.5%.

Joe Biden said the CBO report confirms the "Recovery Act is working to rescue the economy from
 eight years of failed economic policy and rebuild it even stronger than before."

Obama injected $862 billion into the economy to help spur job and economic growth.
His administration has faced criticism that the stimulus efforts haven't done enough on either front.

...because nobody will list the facts.

The Bush bastards robbed the world blind and they blame Obama for their theft.

Since the whore media is in the pocket of big business (which loves the GOP)
they won't give us the facts so it's up to our brave and bold Democrats to save us.


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