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Substance is no match for BS
  by Gene Lyons



The average citizen hardly knows what to believe anymore. Due to the parlous state of professional journalism;
the Internet; cable TV "news" networks and talk radio shouters; and the ceaseless din of the right-wing noise machine, 
the public is daily confronted with make-believe news, doctored quotes, fake history and phony data.

One risible example occurred at, believe it or not,, where outdoor columnist Robert Montgomery unmasked
a sinister White House plan to ban recreational fishing. No more night crawlers, minnow buckets, bass boats, fly rods, etc.

How credulous would you have to be to believe something so silly? Well, the Drudge Report, Fox Nation and scores of 
conservative bloggers did. The rumor caused such a stir that the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
was compelled to issue a statement affirming the government's intention to improve, not end, sport fishing. 

Duh. ESPN editors apologized.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that certain media figures are choosing to mimic such partisan tomfoolery on the left. 
Last week, for example, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann pronounced Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln "the Worst Person in the World."

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