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Take Advantage of Anxiety
 But beware of Anger 


For Democrats, the growing debate over how to vanquish the Teabaggers is analogous
to a family fracas over how to best get rid of your sister’s latest crummy boyfriend.
Do you repeatedly point out all the perceived flaws of the new suitor, hoping that they resonate?
Or do you insist that the new guy is just like the ex, and suggest that repeating the pattern will only lead to misery?...

Many Democrats have chosen to run against the Tea Party - as opposed to the Republicans in Washington
 - by repeatedly pointing out positions they believe general election voters would not cotton to, like privatizing
Social Security, abolishing entire federal departments, upending certain civil rights laws and outlawing abortion,
even in the case of rape. Not all Tea Party candidates share these positions, but many have spoken in favor of
one or more of them...

It also may help Democrats that the Tea Party, while attracting the enthusiasm of many Republican primary voters,
may lack broad support. In a New York Times/CBS poll released last week, only 19 percent of respondents said
they considered themselves supporters of the movement.

As always, the Democrats are refusing to list the goddamn facts.

The Teabaggers want to repeal our civil rights laws.
They want to dismantle Social Security.
They want taxes slashed for the super-rich and they want to
kill hot lunches for poor kids who only get one hot meal a day.

Bottom line?
If it's for the poor or the niggers, fuck 'em - that's the Teabagger Party line.

...but of course, our brain-dead elected morons can't figure how to list the facts so in November,
our worse-than-brain-dead voters might say, "Maybe we should give the new guys a try."

Of course, the Dems will also fail to mention that the super-rich are funding this "grass roots movement,"
but why should they bother to murky up the situation with some facts and some common sense?

It's much easier stand there and cry and wet your pants than it is to fight back.

Since the poor and the middle class WANT to stangle themselves,
there's a part of me

...I won't even go there.

But how can our team win if our side refuses to take the field?

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