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I still like Obama
  by Tally 

Over the weekend, the Dems didn't have the spine to vote for Obama's tax cutoff
for the obscenely rich, so Obama was forced to make a shrewd compromise.

Did you listen to Obama this morning? He was PISSED.

Yes, we've seen him angry twice - both times at Democrats.
Why can't he muster up any anger for the enemy?

Aside from all the stuff we actually DID GET in this deal - unemployment extension,
2% tax cut for the middle class, small biz tax credits, Dream Act & defense reauthorization
bill with repeal of DADT, the Start Initiative, etc...  

<>You Obamaniacs love to make those long lists.
No matter how fresh you claim the ingredients are, if the people refuse
to buy Obama pizza, you can't say it's the best pizza in town.

Call me Pollyanna all you want. 

Pollyanna?  Are you kidding me?
You're Pollyanna with an Obama addiction, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
and you're in love with your abuser and resisting the intervention that could save you.

I'll give you points for loyalty, but what about the facts?

Obama just gave the GOP the ownership documents to the economy they have been
responsible for this past decade, yet have refused to claim - with this (sickening) two year
extension of the tax cuts for the rich. They own it now, as they did for the Bush years,
and they're still too stupid to fix anything, but now they'll be neck deep in shit at the end
of it when it is set to expire.

But what if he held his ground and acted like the president? What if Obama said,
"I won the election, the people gave me power, now get out of my way or I'll crush you."

He now has one of the best campaign weapons for his re-election in 2012: If the GOP &
Big Business doesn't create jobs with this extension (which they won't), all Obama has to
say is - "You promised jobs, and lied to us again. You are never ever to be trusted again.
I tried to work with you for four years (because he had a bunch of  spineless Dems in the
Senate who were too scared to stand up to the schoolyard bullies and vote with him),
and your priority was defeating me, instead of helping the American people. No more."

I'm tired of giving the GOP everything they want and sometimes more than they asked for.
There's no way you can sweet-talk your way out of this.

Jesus, what would the man have to do before you see the light?
He's lost independents, old people, young people, white people and men
and you're telling me how great things are going?   Are you for real?

If Obama had played chicken with the GOP and let all the tax cuts expire, all they had to say
when everything continued to tank, and people were paying more taxes and having less to spend,
was, "We offered Obama a compromise, and he refused, now you're in worse shape."

Polls show only 29% want the super-rich to have more.
Why can't Obama get onboard with the majority?

Getting onboard with the majority is the easiest thing in politics.
Why does our president have such a tough time with that?

I still think he thinks longer term than anyone else, especially in DC. 

As time goes by, the claim that "He's got them right where he wants them"
in running awfully thin.  At some point, we gotta see some punches thrown
instead of hearing how great his rope-a-dope strategy is working.

At some point "the promise of tomorrow" turns into "Do fucking something!"

We still need to send more Progressives with SPINES to DC to help him, otherwise anything
Obama gets done will be a frakkin miracle. But that means people have to actually VOTE,
and not just whine about how Obama isn't perfect.

You and Obama use the same language.

"Did we get everything we wanted?  No."
"Is this perfect legislation?  No."
"Will everybody be happy with this bill?  No."

Why can't we get a YES every tenth time Obama caves in?



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