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What I want in a POTUS
 by Tally 

My dearest Bart & Geezer -
Just thinking about you two boys on my 5 second drive in to work this morning....... wishing we could share a drink soon. I miss that.

First off, let me say I'm not writing this to change your minds regarding Obama. I can't. it would be a waste of my energy to try.
I am however, writing to let you in on how I feel.

I'm trying to let go of my frustrations about those on the left who are complaining that Obama isn't John Shaft.
I can't care anymore. Just like I can't care that there are crazy people on the right who love and worship the likes
of Beck, Palin, and Bachmann, and in their creationism, prove that I have indeed evolved past their lizard brain world,
and that my existence alone proves evolution as a fact. They will never see that, because they still have lizard brains.

So, here it is:

If given a choice of having John Shaft/SuperAssKicker for POTUS who draws a hardline in the sand, on - oh, well,
anything really, but let's say for the sake of this argument and to illustrate my point - Health Care.

Two Choices:

Shaft or Obama?

President Shaft says, Single Payer or NOTHING. Fuck you GOP, we control EVERY FUCKING BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT,
so KISS MY TIGHT BLACK ASS, or I will CUT YOU BITCH! So Shaft stands there, on his hard line, not moving, not negotiating,
not talking about any other item or problem facing us as not only a nation, but the greater globe in general.

While that would be awesome, in a movie, it would really suck in real life. Why? Because aside from the obvious that
I don't want my POTUS acting like a narrow-minded thug, no matter how badass he is, we also have to look at reality.
While the Dems controlled the House/Senate/Executive branches, IN THEORY, they didn't in reality. As I've said before,
we never had the 60 votes in the Senate that the inbred muck dwellers knew they could insist on, because so many have
been bought and paid for by the corporate lobbyists, etc...  (and let's not even discuss the Supreme Court.)

So what happens when you have John Shaft drawing the hard line in the sand, and don't get the votes to go with it?
NOTHING. You get health care brought down, dead in the water, more of the status quo YET AGAIN.
Like Truman, like Nixon, like Clinton. You get NOTHING. You also get a guy who is so tunnel visioned, he can't get ANYTHING done.

How is that good??? It might make you feel better for a day, or a week, and you can say, well, MY GUY actually
STOOD FOR SOMETHING. Well, good for you. But you GET NOTHING but a peen-stroke.

My ego is not that fragile. I don't need to feel like that, and I for one, will take SOMETHING over NOTHING every time.
Especially since that SOMETHING  we have now, is a billion times better than what we had, AND will cause Single Payer
to come to fruition in the long run.

How? It's easy.

In 2014, when the non-profit companies come on to the exchanges they will take over the market, and force the
existing Embezzlement Corporations to either adapt, or die. Non-profit companies won't have $12million CEOs to
feed and shelter. They won't have stocks to sell, and profit reports to doctor. They won't be spending millions of
dollars on TV advertising. But the main thing they won't be doing is funneling billions of dollars into the GOP political
campaigns. They will be offering much better plans for far lower premiums, and in the long run, will merge and evolve
into first state-run single payer systems, then eventually a national system that removes the insurance aspect entirely.
Oh sure, there will still be companies who sell insurance for those that really want it to make themselves feel better,
and for fluff, optional procedures like plastic surgery, etc..... just like they exist in Europe and Canada now.
There will always be a market to take people's money. but the DOOR IS NOW OPEN. It didn't even exist before.

I LIKE the way Obama operates. I understand that he doesn't have the Progressive Army he should. One where he
could close Gitmo, (Congress created it, and must destroy it), one where we could have all the banksters in prison
and all the rich people taxed at 75%.

I believe that's on the way in 2012 because Obama gave the Right, who are all batshit crazy, and have over reached
right up their own asses and dislodged their own brain stems, (see Wisconsin), not only all the rope they needed,
but handed it to them in the shape of a noose, only they're collectively too lizard-brained to see it.  Obama has played,
and continues to play them like a maestro. People are pissed. Most people know Obama and the Dems were held
hostage by the tax-cuts for the rich, and are seeing this insane talk of shutdown and gutting of social programs all comes
down to those insane Bush tax cuts. I think Obama played it perfectly for 2012 - Elect me, or those will be permanent.....  

Anyway - Obama would be better if we sent people more progressive people to DC who had a vagina and a spine,
instead of a wimpy ball sac that gets scared and weak at the slightest breeze. But then I like that he is EVERYONE's
POTUS, not just mine. I LOVE how the entire world loves and respects him, and I love how he thinks long term.

For more - please read Mark Morford's latest piece he says it much better than I can.


Geezer's reply

I appreciate your thoughts, Tally.  I simply am no longer accepting an argument that says I have to vote for the
Democrat because a Republican would be worse.  In other words, I am required to live in fear of exercising my
own principles.  I will no longer do that because I'm quite proud of my good American principles.  I can only
identify a handful of politicians who seem to feel the same way.  Obama is not one of them.
60 Minutes did an excellent report on banks that are actually forging documents and presenting them in a court
of law as evidence they own properties in order to throw people out of their homes.  The last I heard, forgery is
still a felony.  Knowingly advancing a falsehood on the court is also a felony.  Yet there has not been so much as
an investigation.  Yet Manning rots in Quantico and they won't even allow a US Senator in to see him. 

Guantanamo is still open for business, and both wars that Obama promised to end are in full force (I'll acknowledge
that Iraq is winding down, but we're still there) and now Obama has added another one.  With absolutely no argument,
Obama extended tax cuts for the richest Americans (when our problem is a revenue problem, not a debt problem). 
To the party that controls only one law making branch of government, Obama has given more than they asked for. 
The result - now they want more, and he'll give that to them also.
What's clear is that Obama is a very good Republican president.  Even the Tea Party will be quietly glad he's
back in office.  So don't worry.  Obama will be back for another 4 year term.  Neither Bart nor I will be given
any other choice.  All I'm asking is, if I'm not given any choice, why should I go through the exercise of making one?



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