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Teabaggers angry at GOP
Who saw this coming - besides everybody?


As delusional Tea Party politicians prepare to take their Congressional seats this week, they are already
taking issue with Republicans for failing to hold the line against the flurry of legislation enacted in the
waning weeks of Democratic control of the House for not giving some candidates backed by Tea Party
groups powerful leadership positions...
In their final days controlling the House, Democrats succeeded in passing legislation that Tea Party leaders
opposed, including a bill to cover the cost of medical care for rescue workers at the site of the World Trade
Center attacks, an arms-control treaty with Russia, a food safety bill and a repeal of the ban on gay men
and lesbians serving openly in the military...
Mike Lee, a senator-elect from Utah who had Tea Party support and defeated Bob Bennett, said that he,
along with other incoming senators, had signed letters to Senate Democrats asking them to delay voting on
the arms-control treaty until the new Congress was seated. Mr. Lee was disappointed that the Senate
approved the treaty anyway.
"This changes by degrees," Mr. Lee said. "As long as you have a Democratic president and a
Democratic-controlled Senate, I don’t think there are many people who are expecting that the
government’s going to be transformed overnight into something in the image of the Tea Party.
That would be delusional."

Welcome to Wahington, Dude.

I'm old enough to see the pattern clearly now.
Every election cycle, some charismatic speaker gets to the head of his class by promising,
"By God, when *I* get in office, things are really going to be different."

Then they get power and politicall reality and political greed set in.

All that crap about "We need to spend less" sounds real good,
until you're in charge of bringing home the bacon.

Did the Teabaggers really think they were going to change things?
Or was their "We'll sweep the bums out" crap just plain crap?


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