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The Tea Party's Racism
They're not racist - and when they are, it's justified


Another name for the Tea Party might be ... the right-wing Republican base (although they aren't as likely to be 
evangelical Christians as other samples of conservative Republicans). Somehow, these opponents of big government 
spending never grabbed their protest signs when the Bush bastards were spending down the Clinton budget surplus 
and building a huge deficit. Somehow these anti-tax populists are finally grabbing their party hats, and their guns, 
because The Kenyan ... um, well, he actually cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people, and tax rates are 
at their lowest in 60 years, according to the Brookings Institution. Go figure.

The modern Republican Party owes its two generations of dominance to Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy. 
(Ronald Reagan actually pioneered out a California variation in his successful 1966 campaign for governor, 
playing on fears engendered by the Watts riots and rising anti-welfare animus). The Tea Party movement, 
which has mostly been embraced by mainstream Republican leaders who have no new ideas to improve the 
economy or make our nation safer, is a return to that tired old playbook. I don't think it can prevail again, 
but it can make politics uglier in the meantime. Conservatives of conscience would be better employed 
coming up with new ideas for their party than trying to defend the Tea Partiers' blinkered racial views.

What is it about money that makes those with some hate those without?

A CBS poll says that 12 percent of Tea Party members made more than $250,000 a year. 
Less than 2 percent of Americans earn more than $250,000 a year, according to

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