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Teabaggers: Eat, Pray, Hate
  by Christopher Dickey


The threat to burn Qurans in Florida is a perfect example of the way America's own
Christian Taliban are creating, promoting, and exploiting our national paranoia.

ow is it that so many Christians who teach that God is Love spend so much of their time hating?
You'd think it would be enough of a challenge - and a reward - to read the Gospel, contemplate
its message, and live by its principles. But no. There have always been hard-core Bible bangers
who try to make their reputations by denigrating, desecrating, even conflagrating others.

The self-promoting handjob preacher down in Florida who is getting global attention at the moment
for his plan to stage "Burn a Koran Day" on September 11 is just the latest example. 

Great point!
Isn't that proof that they know nothing of God or of being Christ-like?

These idiots who are screaming hate at 'God's children' should be ashamed of themselves - but they're not.
They're real fucking proud of their violence towards minorities - which Jesus are they following?

Jesus said, "Feed the hungry and clothe the naked."
Teabaggers say, "Fuck you, go home! We hate that nigger Kenyan!"

Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would do unto me."
Teabaggers say,
"Send 'em home once?  OK. 
 Send them home twice with a bullet in their head."

They hate Blacks, they hate Mexicans, they hate the poor,
they hate the disabled, they hate liberals,
they hate health care, they hate, hate, hate every-f-ing-thing,    ...just like Jesus preached in the Bible.

I guarantee, I am more Christ-like than your average Teabagger.

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