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Teabaggers = White Religio-crazies 

 Gee, who knew?  by Michelle Boorstein


A new poll shows that half of those who consider themselves Teabaggers also identify as part of the religious right,
reflecting the complex – and sometimes contradictory – blend of bedfellows in the American conservative movement.

<>Where do you see a contradiction?

After Bush, many Rethugs wanted to call themselves anything but "Republicans"
so CNN and the FOX Clowns jumped on it and made Anger at The Kenyan fashionable.
The poll comes as the tea party’s composition and potential impact is still under hot debate.
Robert Jones said the poll aimed to clarify the relationship between the two groups.
"The way the data looks, if this is a marriage of convenience, it's against the law.
The relatives are too close," said Jones, a self-described progressive.

ha ha
That sounds like the Teabaggers - trying to kiss their sister.

This Boorstein lady has figured out, after 15 months of "We hate the NitWH,"
that Teabaggers are just garden-variety Rethugs with awful spelling and fewer teeth.


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