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Teabaggers defeat GOP
Voters make Bart look like a prophet


In an election year dominated by a desire for change in Washington, (Objection!   That's what the whore media
keep telling us, but where is your evidence?) 
voters in Colorado and Connecticut on Tuesday nominated a trio
of Senate candidates who positioned themselves as political outsiders. But Colorado's results proved there are limits
on how much change voters actually want, a telling sign that November's pivotal midterm elections may be even
more unpredictable than polls suggest.

They're only unpredictable in that you lying media whores are always wrong.

In Colorado's Democratic Senate primary, Sen. Michael Bennet fended off a challenge from Andrew Romanoff. 
Bennet, repeatedly cast himself as a political change agent even though he was backed by Obama and the Democrats.
Romanoff, meanwhile, was endorsed by Bill Clinton. While Romanoff seemed to have momentum in the final weeks,
Bennet held on—a sign that Democrats, at least, aren't yet willing to toss incumbents aside.

Here we go - this proves the Teabaggers, so far at least, want change the GOP.   ha ha
Throw out all those establishment Rethugs - that's the way we like it.

In the state's Senate GOP primary, Ken Buck defeated former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton in a race that was seen as
a microcosm of the Republican Party's internal ideological struggles. Both candidates were backed by factions of
the so-called Tea Party, even though Buck tried to distance himself from the groups late in the primary. But Norton
was also backed by the GOP establishment, including Sen. John McCain, who stumped on her behalf last weekend.

So, McCain's a loser - what else is new?

In Connecticut, former World Wrestling Entertainment chief Linda McMahon beat former Rep. Rob Simmons in
the state's GOP primary. Simmons initially suspended his campaign in May only to make a last minute push for
the nomination. McMahon, who has spent more than $22 million of her own cash on the race, faces the state's
Democratic attorney general Dick Blumenthal this fall.

You know if a Wrestling clown runs for office, it'll be as a Rethug.

But the lying whore media, once again, has been proven wrong.
They've been screaming "voters hate incumbents" but that's just on the Rethug side.

Once again, the Democrats could stumble to another accidental victory in November.

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