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Teabaggers taking out GOP
 They built a monster, now it's eating them 


Arms linked, Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and her conservative backers kick up their heels
and clap to the strains of an original song with lyrics befitting a tea party.

"Look out Washington, D.C., 'cause we are on a roll
and we're rocking across this country with a message to be told."

It's a tune that's unnerving the Republican establishment in Delaware,
which fears being felled by swift kicks from O'Donnell — and tea partiers.

Not long after Teabagger Joe Miller stunned the Alaska GOP, the Republican establishment is furiously
trying to avoid a similar outcome in the Delaware primary on Tuesday. Republican leaders, top strategists
and even the Delaware state GOP chairman have taken the unusual step of openly working to defeat
O'Donnell and ensure the nomination of their preferred candidate, nine-term Rep. Mike Castle.

Republicans see Castle as their best chance of winning the seat long held by Joe Biden.
The moderate Castle is a former governor and has been the state's lone congressman since 1993.

But O'Donnell, who has lost twice in statewide races, won't be cowed.

"We cannot elect any more liberals to Washington, D.C., especially ones who wear
the banner of being a Republican. It is an honor to be a Republican," she told supporters.

Establishment Republicans have been relentless, calling O'Donnell unelectable, a fraud and a liar.
But in a challenge to the GOP leadership and in a boost to O'Donnell, GOP Sen. Jim DeMint (SC)
just came out with an endorsement saying she will "stand strong for the principles of freedom."

So, Jim DeMint is working against the Republican party?

That's great news - who can we turn next?
Maybe the Teabaggers will be this year's Naders.


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