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Teabaggers turn on Bat-shit
Bachmann in trouble for backing Blunt in MO


Tea party groups in Missouri are furious that national tea party icon, Rep. Michele Bachmann, endorsed the
strong frontrunner for the Senate nomination Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO). Bachmann will join Blunt for a fundraiser
and to make campaign calls in his St. Louis headquarters Saturday.

Given that Bachmann has emerged as a tea party hero and formed the brand-new Tea Party Caucus in Congress,
the groups said "we were shocked" that she is backing Blunt since he voted for the TARP bailout funds and "Cash for Clunkers."

"We believe she has been grossly misled if she understands him to be a Missouri Tea Party candidate," read a
statement issued by 38 groups from the Show Me state, claiming to represent more than 8,660 activists.
The statement came with a list of the groups, noting they have "NOT" endorsed Blunt.

This is the biggest problem they face and I've said it from the start.
You can't be a Teabagger AND a Republican.

The closest thing the TBs have to a leader is Palin and Bachmann and Beck and the Pigboy and they're
going to stick with the good-old GOP boys in every election so where does that leave the poor idiot Teabagger?

Teabaggers being anti-incumbent in the primaries is a gift from baby Jesus.

It may also be the only thing that saves us in November. 


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