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That Mural in Arizona
 by Roger Ebert


What I cannot imagine is what it would be like to be one of those people driving past in their cars day after day 
and screaming hateful things out of the window. How do you get to that place in your life? Were you raised as a racist, 
or become one on your own?...They don't breathe that air. They don't think of the feelings of the kids on the mural. 
They don't like those kids in the school. It's not as if they have reasons. They simply hate. Why would they do that? 
What have they shut down inside? Why do they resent the rights of others? Our rights must come first before our fears.
And our rights are their rights, whoever "they" are.

Clint Eastwood once observed: "The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice." 
Do the drive-by haters feel insecure? How are they threatened? What have they talked themselves into? 
Who benefits by feeding off their fear? We have a black man in the White House, and they don't like that.

They don't want to accept the reality that other races live here right along with them, and are doing just fine and 
making a contribution and the same sun rises and sets on us all. Do they fear their own adequacy? Do they grasp 
for assurance that they're "better"--which means, not worse? Those poor people. It must be agony to live with 
such hate, and to seek the company of others so damaged. 

This is what we get by not fighting back.
The facts are on our side but when's the last time you saw a Democrat list the facts?

The vulgar Pigboy leads the hate parade and he gets paid $100M a year - so why should he stop?

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Hannity and O'Reilly etc - they're all super-rich now.
The crazier the shit you spew, the more tons of money you rake in.

Crazy shit is kinda entertaining (I listened to Rush every day for years) but the stupid sons of bitches
don't know that Rush, Beck, Palin et al don't really believe the shit they're spewing.
They are getting paid obscene amounts of cash to keep those stupid lies coming.

If someone came to me and said, "I'll give you $100M to say for one year that Ted Nugent 
is a better guitar player than Jimmy Page," I'd take that money - for one year - because I need
the money to be sure Mrs Bart is taken care of, but these bastards take that money year after year.

Speaking of that, has Elton John given any explanation for his Pigboy Party?.

If Rush offered Del Castillo a million dollars to play at his wedding, I'd be OK with that
because those guys aren't rich and they have families to feed - but what's Elton's excuse?

Odds are Pigboy's wife likes Elton John and Rush told her he'd try to get him to sing.
I was hoping Elton had made Rush a deal - "I'll play your wedding if you stop or slow 
the gay-bashing" but we've seen no evidence of that so far.

Someday, the vulgar Pigboy will confess and say, "I was doing a character, like Archie Bunker,"
and that will break the hearts of Nazi's and Klansmen bastards everywhere.

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