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That lavish GOP party
The Party of Fiscal Responsibility?


With Republican leaders anxious to set an austere tone for their ascendance into the House majority
this week, the lavish fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday night at a trendy Washington hotel to benefit
a dozen GOP freshmen is not exactly the populist image leaders are anxious to project...where lobbyists,
political action committee managers and others paying the $2,500 ticket price will be treated to a
performance by LeAnn Rimes (a $50,000 package includes a eight tickets and a “VIP suite” at the W) ...

“If incoming GOP freshmen were hoping to bring fiscal responsibility and ‘family values’ to Washington,
they may have gotten off to an interesting start,” conservative blogger Matt Lewis noted, citing the event’s
steep ticket prices, as well as Rimes’s confessed extramarital affair and her recent appearance in a
“Sexy Santa” outfit at a gay men’s chorus Christmas performance.

“It’s causing a buzz because it’s in direct contradiction to the image that leadership is trying to portray
as a conference that wants to get down to business,” said a GOP consultant, comparing the Rimes
fundraiser to one thrown by that idiot Nancy Pelosi when Democrats won the House in 2007.

How stupid of her - why can't our politicans think?
And why is "Miss San Francisco" still our House leader?
Would Barney Frank be more of a lightning rod?  Maybe not.

That Pelosi fundraiser — featuring $1,000 ticket prices and Tony Bennett — got some bad press
and also sparked ill will among some of the lobbyists and political action committee managers who
typically make up the target demographic for high-dollar Washington fundraisers.

History, to some extent, seems to be repeating itself.

Looks like the new boss is the same as the old boss.
GOP $50,000 crookedness and Demo $1,000 stupidity look the same to Joe Sixpack.

<big Al Gore sigh...>

Maybe I shoulda been a priest, like Mom wanted...



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