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The Big Dog Unleashed
  by Konrad Yakabuskic


Can the Big Dog save the one they call a dog?

<>Hey, Konrad Yakabuskic, maybe you ought to choose your words more carefully.

Armed with a sack of football metaphors and the cool confidence of a proven winner,
Bill Clinton is stumping for Democrats at such a fevered pace you'd think Hillary herself
was in the White House. Instead, Bill is out campaigning to protect the congressional
majorities of Barack Obama, who snatched the 2008 nomination from his wife's hands...

Mr. Clinton has taken full-time to the campaign trail, visiting 10 states in the past week alone.
He draws capacity crowds who seem to come more for a glimpse of him than for the candidate
he's come to promote.

"He's only the second person I ever wanted to see," Carol Becht said of Mr. Clinton.
"The first was Elvis. I saw him five times."

ha ha

Inside, Mr. Clinton pleaded with wavering Democrats to vote for Kendrick Meek,
who is currently running third in a three-way race for Florida's open Senate seat.

They say the Democrat's big picture is less gloomy than it was two weeks ago.

These days that sounds like a win.


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