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The California Pot Initiative  

Bartcop, I just don’t get it.

The biggest opponent to the upcoming marijuana legalization initiative in California is a group called
the California Beer & Beverage Distributors.  Why would anyone be in an organization like that be
opposed to such an initiative?  Don’t they see the potential for a hueueueueuge revenue stream for
themselves, which they can let go to the hippies instead?  It’s theirs to lose, but if they just renamed
themselves the California Beer & Beverage & Cheesy Combustibles Distributors they would dominate
and make billions on top of what they are already making.

I don’t blow turf any more, myself, but I’m not opposed to other people doing it and I’m similarly not
opposed to California leading the way.  They can show other states how, if they just stop making shit up
like the Invisible Cloud Being will somehow be angry with them, they can put their state, county and
municipal budgets easily into the black overnight.  There’s money to be made in new ideas, but some
people are too stubborn to want to earn more money.  Some people would rather stick to their
old-fashioned “values” than to turn a no-sweat-off-my-nose buck off it.

And of course you know the argument that decriminalizing drugs, even just weed, would empty out
our prisons and jails in a New York minute.  But there are many places in the country, especially in
K-Drag and in the Deep South, where law enforcement is an industry.  They would rather play their
Smokey & The Bandit games than to get together, light up a perfectly legal jay and talk about how
good their schools have become now, how much better the roads and streetlights have gotten,
and even the shiny new cop cars that they bought with the budget surplus.

The TBs and Republicants can have their cake and eat it. too.  They can have less government
intrusion into their personal lives and have lower taxes without having to suffer through budget
shortfalls and the fear of having the door to their homes kicked in.

It could happen.  We just have to let it.

Best regards,
 Jeff in Seattle

The election is less than three weeks away.
Do the polls still show the Pot Initiative passing?

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