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The Death of CNN
From a billion viewers to 650,000


Baghdad, 1991.  As allied forces pounded Saddam’s Iraq on the opening night of the first Gulf War,
more than a billion people watched as Bernard Shaw wet his pants under a table like a senate Democrat.

Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, exactly 20 years ago this week, didn't just set in motion the events which led
to Operation Desert Storm. It also kick-started the first war of the rolling news era. Shaw’s broadcast, for CNN,
was the most watched live event, outside the sporting arena, in the history of mankind...

Wait - CNN's biggest moment was when their senior anchor peed him pants like a senate Democrat?

Fast forward two decades, and CNN was making a very different type of news. In June, Larry King announced
he was quiiting. At 76, after nine marriages, he wanted "my wife and I to get to the kids’ little league games."

But hardly anyone was watching. That night, King failed to mention that viewership was down to just over 650,000.
If he hadn’t decided to jump, he may very well have soon been pushed.

Note: he was fired months ago, when CNN hired Piers Morgan to replace him.

In the cut-throat world of television, King’s recent ratings have been little short of a disaster.
Yet they follow an ugly pattern: Larry King is just one member of an entire stable of talent which is failing
to pull its commercial weight. Across the board, audiences are deserting the station in droves."

Butt, that only counts if FOX is even or ahead in the ratings.
Last I heard, FOX lost a billion dollars in one year.

CNN's problem is they're trying to please the Left and the Right.
FOX pleases the Right, so they get half the audience.

Meanwhile, inept, Blitzer-brained CNN is trying to "be fair" like some idiot Democrat.

If they want to save CNN, they should Go Left.

Then each network would have roughly half the audience and, for the first time,
the slight majority would actually have a voice on TV - wouldn't that seem strange?

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