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The End of New Deal Liberalism
  Has Obama allowed the Dream to die?


We have reached a pivotal moment in government and politics, and it feels like the last,
groaning spasms of New Deal liberalism. When the party of activist government, faced
with an epic crisis, will not use government's extensive powers to reverse the economic
disorders and heal deepening social deterioration, then it must be the end of the line for
the governing ideology inherited from Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson.

Political events of the past two years have delivered a more profound and devastating message:
American democracy has been conclusively conquered by American capitalism. Government
has been disabled or captured by the formidable powers of private enterprise and concentrated
wealth. Self-governing rights that representative democracy conferred on citizens are now
usurped by the overbearing demands of corporate and financial interests. Collectively, the
corporate sector has its arms around both political parties, the financing of political careers,
the production of the policy agendas and propaganda of influential think tanks, and control
of most major media.

What the capitalist system wants is more—more wealth, more freedom to do whatever it wishes.
This has always been its instinct, unless government intervened to stop it. The objective now is
to destroy any remaining forms of government interference, except of course for business
subsidies and protections. Many elected representatives are implicitly enlisted in the cause.

A lot of Americans seem to know this; at least they sense that the structural reality of
government and politics is not on their side. When the choice comes down to society
or capitalism, society regularly loses. First attention is devoted to the economic priorities
of the largest, most powerful institutions of business and finance. The bias comes naturally
to Republicans, the party of money and private enterprise, but on the big structural questions
business-first also defines Democrats, formerly the party of working people. Despite partisan
rhetoric, the two parties are more alike than they acknowledge.

What could be better examples of this than Obama caving in on the public option
and caving in and breaking his promise to end the tax cuts for the super-rich?

Worse, it seems he did both just to get Bitch & Boner to like him.

Is there any cause that would turn Obama into a fighter?
Is there anything that Obama would go to the mat for?
If Obama wins a second term, that'll make sixteen years in a row where
the little guy was told to "suck it up" while the super-rich raped the world.
The most staunch Obama defenders said he's always been a "practical centrist,"
and that we're getting the same Obama that we voted for in 2008.

Who agrees with that?


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