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The GOP and Bankruptcy Blues


Last week, the US Congress struck a blow for real Americans in these tough economic times. 
It approved a bill permitting individuals filing for bankruptcy to exempt up to three firearms
with an aggregate value of $1,500 from creditors' claims.  You can still lose your home, car,
and the clothes off your back to Citibank, but, by God, they're not getting your AK-47.
This is the same Congress that rejected extending Unemployment Benefits for the long-term jobless. 
Clearly, the unemployed would be wise to use that last benefit check not to pay down the mortgage
or the credit card bill, but to purchase a weapon.  You can use it to shoot your food in the nearby
woods or, for you urban dwellers, empty out the neighborhood bodega if you are armed.

Bankruptcy is a topic that almost nobody talks about.

During the Bush error, they re-wrote the law that allowed bankrupt people to keep their home.
Now the housing market has crashed - I think the two are connected.

In the Clinton years, if you filed bankruptcy, foreclosure came to a halt.  And funny how
the bank failed right after they bribed congress into giving them everything they wanted.

The greedy sons of bitches charge 30% on the credit cards "because so many people file bankruptcy."
Then they
bribed congress into forcing people drowning in debt to pay it all back.

What people don't get is loaning money is a GAMBLE. The greedy banks want to gamble
and keep the money if they win and they now get to keep the money when they lose.

The big banks flooded America's  mailboxes with teaser rates on credir cards, then they'd change
their minds after you ran up a balance and raise the rates and crooked congress OK'd that.

If you and I could afford to bribe congress, we could play that game, too.


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