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The Hit on Helen Thomas
How dare she have an opinion!
 by Danny Schechter


She became a pioneering woman, a modern day Helen of Troy, who broke the
glass ceiling, infiltrating the clubby, mostly male, inside-the-Beltway world of
big egos and self-important media prima donnas, most supplicants to power,
not challengers of it.

Her origins were more modest. She grew up in an ethnic neighborhood in Detroit.
She received her bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University in 1942.

Earlier this year, her alma mater which had taken so much pride in her achievements,
withdrew an award in her name in a striking gesture of cowardice and submission to
an incident blown out of all proportions that instantly turned Helen from a shero to
a zero in a quick-media second.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center put her on their top-ten list of anti-Semites after
angry remarks she made about Israel went viral and blew up into one of the
major media stories of 2010.

Obama who once brought her a birthday cake, labeled her remarks “reprehensible.”

You would think that given all the vicious slurs, Hitler comparisons and putdowns
directed at him, he would be more cautious tossing slurs at others.  But, no, all politicians
pander to deflect criticism whenever they fear the winds of enmity will blow their way.

Now it was Helen who was being compared to Hitler.


Yes, that was once of the ugliest things that happened last year.
Our whore media even lied about what she said, creatively editing
her remarks to give them a whole new meaning - the sons of bitches.

If what she said was so bad, why couldn't they just accuse her of that?
Why pile on and fabricate pure horseshit to screw over an old woman?

Maybe Helen, at 89, just didn't have the energy to fight back.
Besides, how do you fight the whole country and the world?

Helen, you deserved better. Geez, after 60 years on the job
we discovered the "real" Helen that day when the camera "caught" her?



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