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The Irony of the Teabaggers
Those bitching loudest caused the problem


When I look at the tea party movement in America today, I'm struck by the irony of it all.

The ones who are bitching loudest today are precisely the people who created the mess we're in.

We're actually in a whole heaping helping lot of messes, but I'm referring principally to the economic one.
I suspect that the rabble ranks of the tea party movement are populated by people who have equally bad
politics on social matters and foreign policy issues. But - for different reasons - they don't talk about those
questions too much. Instead, they largely confine themselves to economic beefs, especially deficits.

These are conservatives, however - more properly labeled as regressives - and the astonishing irony here
is that they've had their way with economic policy in this country for thirty years running. And, excuse me,
but now they're pissed off at the results?

I heard a pundit on either McLaughlin or Tweety's show that, this year, the voters want someone
who doesn't sound like a Washington DC lawyer, which is why goofy-talking handjobs
like Angle,
Rand Paul and that nut-ball Paladino guy have gotten as far as they have.

<>If you sound like you know what you're talking about, they'll hate you. So if you're not sure which
Korea is friendly with America, or if you think Australia is run by the good people of Austria,
you're JUST the kind of person we need running the government right now.


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