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The Legion of Indecency
  by Barry Crimmins

 Are there any pictures of the Pope
 where he doesn't look super-creepy?


Thousands of child rapists/molesters hid behind collars (and that is a very, very conservative estimate)
and preyed on generations of children. Where? In and around churches! And then church leadership ignored
and/or covered up the scandal for decades. The story couldn't be overstated, nor could the outrage it provoked
be fairly labeled as hyperbole. Bishop BS knew he was spouting untruths but he also knew his audience,
the blindly faithful, would swallow his mentally reserved mendacity. He was confident parishioners would
take his lies and pass them along as gospel truth. This is what the so-called propagation of the
Catholic faith
is all about. Spreading and repeating lies.

Looks like my old friend Barry is giving them Hell - which they deserve.

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