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The Neocon Liberal Alliance
 Pure horseshit by Stephen M. Walt


In case you hadn’t noticed, over the weekend President Obama took the nation to war against Libya,

Already you can tell this joker wants to be a comedian.
I've never heard of this guy so I can't tell if he's a Bush apologist, a disgruntled Obama-bot or
just a publicity-seeking handjob, but he doesn't make any sense.

...largely on the advice of liberal interventionists like Ambassador Rice, Hillary Clinton, and NSC aides
Samantha Power and Michael McFaul. According to several news reports I’ve read, he did this despite
objections from SecDef Robert Gates and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

The only important intellectual difference between neoconservatives and liberal interventionists is that
the former have disdain for international institutions (which they see as constraints on U.S. power),
and the latter see them as a useful way to legitimate American dominance.

Pure horseshit.
He thinks Hillary has delusions of godhood and wants to take over the world?
What evidence does he have that this mission is anything other that what they said it is?

Dictator has his jets strafing innocents and the Arad league asked for help.
Sometimes, a duck is just a duck.

Both groups extol the virtues of democracy, both groups believe that U.S. power—and especially its
military power—can be a highly effective tool of statecraft.

Pure horseshit.
He thinks Bush & Cheney invaded an oil rich country to
extol the virtues of democracy?

Both groups are deeply alarmed at the prospect that WMD might be in the hands of anybody
but the United States and its closest allies, and both groups think it is America’s right and
responsibility to fix lots of problems all over the world.

Now I'm guessing he's a Bush apologist and he's trying to say "both sides do it," but that argument
won't fly with sane people.  He's saying, in effect, "Bush wore shoes and Obama wears shoes,
therefore both have identical foreign policy agendas" which is 100% pure horseshit.

He's saying if a cop shoots an armed suspect holding a hostage, it's "just like"
John Dillinger shooting a bank teller - but sane people know that's horseshit.

Plus, I haven't heard anything about Obama's fear that Libya will unleash WMDs on the world,
other than some say he has poison gas - but what dictator doesn't?

Both groups consistently over-estimate how easy it will be to do this, however, which is why each
has a propensity to get us involved in conflicts where our vital interests are not engaged and that
end up costing a lot more than they initially expect.

There he goes again "Both groups" do "X" and "each" believes "Y."
Bush, Cheney & Runsfeld were always going to invade Iraq and they couldn't believe their
"good luck" when al Qaeda hit us on 9-11 - which enabled them to put their plan into action.

If you,
Stephen M. Walt, have evidence that Obama and Hillary were always going to invade
Libya, then show your proof but if you're just some asshole with a wild guess, go fuck yourself.
Stephen M. Walt, thy name is whore.

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