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Subject: The Politics of Fear  

It's fear. People want to side with the wealthy and the powerful because people fear their wrath if you try to challenge them.

The European peasants we come from looked to the Kings/ Queens for their survival and sustenance.
Like sheep dog...s thousands of years have trained us instintively to do what we do which is obey our masters.

We learned a long time ago that challenging the Royals and the Blue bloods meant we could lose our heads or find
our intestines slowly pulled out of us like link sausages and thrown onto a red hot grill. Better to go along with the King
than challenge him. Better and safer to be a fawning, docile and submissive, ring kissing, peasant than a dismembered one.

Also, if you kiss the Kings ass and suck up just right he might just share a couple of Shillings with you. The modern day rich
are our Kings and Queens. They are our aristocrats and most of us still have it in us to kiss their asses for our few pieces of
silver and most still fear their power. But a few of us are genetic mutants apparently. A millenia of programming has come
undone within us. We prefer thinking for ourselves rather than being deferential toward the Kings-Queens and aristocrats.

We refuse to be afraid. WE are called "Liberals," "Socialists," "Trouble makers, Rebels" etc. We refuse to kiss the asses
of our aristocracy today. We even openly challenge them and defy them. So now they want to get tough with us again
(the Tea Baggers-Rightwing). They are no longer willing to tolerate our insolence and rebelliousness. They are tired of
having to allow us a few shillings. They are tired of sharing a small and token measure of political power and decision
making with the unwashed majority. So now they want to hurt us again. Show us who's boss. Reverse the peasant
revolution we began in 2008 with Obama. They want to take a get tough approach again. They are heating up that grill
and sharpening that axe as a warning to us. Most Americans see that that is what's happening and so most revert back
to fawning and boot licking the aristocrats again and many even join the Kings side knowing they will only be pawns
in his battles and will lose much and win little.

But the King will reward a small number of these sycophants and they pin their hopes on being one of the lucky few.
All they have to do is join the Kings slaughter of their neighbors and their fellows. All they have to do is side with the
powerful against the weak. In my opinion it's as simple as this. I will continue battling the King and his aristocracy
(Wealthy Republicans-Plutocrats). If they want to draw and quarter me and roast my intestines they will have to risk
me fighting back mighty God damn hard!

There is no lack of jobs in this country people!! The economy was not sick and did not get sick all by itself!
The economy did NOT merely catch a flu bug! Powerful people did this to the economy deliberately!!

<>The plutocrat rats wanted THIS kind of economy because it benefits them and hurts you and I! 
YES! I am saying that we have a DELIBERATELY engineered bad economy!!
That is the aristocrats modern day equivalent of the hot grill or spitt and axe.

An old Republican business slogan goes "unemployment disciplines the work force."
What they are doing is punishing us for voting for Obama! 

They are taking revenge on a public that rejected them.
They seek to punish us so severely that we will be afraid to ever vote against them again. Pure hate-filled revenge
and punishment is what the plutocrats are meting out to us. They'll start killing us if we continue to stick with our
Obama insurgency!  We will see blood in the streets soon you can count on it even if they do take back their government!
They are punishing us by not providing jobs. They are sitting on their wealth and
refusing to create jobs until
we all give in and give them back "their" government. What we are in is a Class war with t
he Kings and Queens!

<>Many give in and side with the royals as East Tennessee Republicans have always done.
Many are frightened to continue with the new approach. They see the KIngs power and vindictiveness and their knees weaken.
They see him withholding those shillings. All of them. So they vote to bring the old oppressor back and hope the King will now
be more kindly disposed toward them. They are COWARDS and ASS KISSERS!! That sums up todays American!!

We could never win the American Revolution again these days with such a population! Come on back Redcoats and
give it another try! There are no longer any brave Americans here!! The Yanks will now bow before your King for a
shilling and just to avoid the slightest pain. You can divide and conquer them easy! They will not fight together because
they will not stand together! The Yanks have never been more divided! You can defeat them just by appealing to their greed!

You can buy them off, one against the other, cheaply! They will sell each other out!    Cheap!

Hell, you can even use religion and race to get them to fight amongst themselves in the 21st century!!
Just sit back and wait like a buzzard for the big pile of carrion they are producing with their hatreds of one another,
their resentments, their child like jealousys and temper tantrums. There are no adults here anymore. We are going to
have to relearn some hard old lessons in this country once again. Lesson number one is that FEAR is no way to run
a country! Fear will not restore our economy or make out nation safe! FEAR will not produce jobs!! And FEAR will
give us one mighty bad government!!

In other words FEAR will give us exactly what we presently have!!

OK, sermon over! Break out the fried chicken and the biscuits and gravy and the sweet tea!
Now go vote like you have a pair of nads people and give the King and his aristocrats the finger!


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