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The Republican Catastrophe  


The House just passed a bill to make sure states received $26 billion in funding. The funding was to
make sure that Seniors didn’t experience cuts in Medicare and that teachers, firefighters and cops,
among others, weren’t laid off in mass. The bill was completely paid for with cuts, which shouldn’t
have been the case for emergency funding like this.

Two Republicans voted for the bill.

16 out of 23 Republican Governors signed a letter through the National Governors association asking
for Congress to provide this funding for their states. And they couldn’t get more than two Republicans
out of 178 Republicans to vote for it. They all voted no in the most nihilistic fashion possible because
they knew that House Democrats would do all of their hard work. Is there any real question whether
Republicans want unemployment to stay high?

If Republican governors can’t get Republicans in Congress to do what’s good for the country, who can?

The biggest problem the GOP has is Pigboy, Palin and Glenn Beck are calling the shots.
They all get paid more when a civil war's going on so expect that to continue.

The good news?

The Teabaggers are sending experienced Republicans packing in the primaries.
Taking their place are the super-insane Sharron Angle types, the "dismantle the IRS" crazies.

I just saw a headline, "Dick Armey says let's kill Social Security."

...and our elected Democrats can't figure how to win elderly votes?


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