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The Stupidity of Liberal Apathy 


<>To be clear, sometimes ass-kicking is good. Call Kent Conrad a hypocrite on the deficit.
Blast Joe Lieberman for carrying water on behalf of the insurance industry. Hold Obama
accountable for the bureaucratic neglect that enabled the Gulf disaster. Liberals won't get
anywhere by meekly accepting every compromise that comes down the pike or looking
the other way when Democrats screw up. Politics goes is a two-way street and liberals
need their leaders to lead sometimes.

But if the left is going to demand action, it has to do more than sigh when action
-- even modest action -- actually happens. The left has to show some enthusiasm,
if not locally then at least nationally. [...] Otherwise office-holders, even ones from
relatively liberal districts, won't have much incentive to vote liberal next time around.

Republicans want to win a 10 on a scale from 1-10.

Democrats are OK with winning, as long as it falls into their laps.


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