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The World Liberals Made
  by Chris Hedges


The lunatic fringe of the Republican Party, which looks set to make sweeping gains in the midterm elections,
is the direct result of a collapse of liberalism. It is the product of bankrupt liberal institutions, including the press,
the church, universities, labor unions, the arts and the Democratic Party. The legitimate rage being expressed by
disenfranchised workers toward the college-educated liberal elite, who abetted or did nothing to halt the corporate
assault on the poor and the working class of the last 30 years, is not misplaced.

The liberal class is guilty. The liberal class, which continues to speak in the prim and obsolete language of policies
and issues, refused to act. It failed to defend traditional liberal values during the long night of corporate assault in
exchange for its position of privilege and comfort in the corporate state. The virulent right-wing backlash we now
experience is an expression of the liberal class’ flagrant betrayal of the citizenry.

The liberal class, which once made piecemeal and incremental reform possible, functioned traditionally as a safety valve.
During the Great Depression, with the collapse of capitalism, it made possible the New Deal. During the turmoil of the
1960s, it provided legitimate channels within the system to express the discontent of African-Americans and the
anti-war movement. But the liberal class, in our age of neo-feudalism, is now powerless. It offers nothing but
empty rhetoric. It refuses to concede that power has been wrested so efficiently from the hands of citizens by
corporations that the Constitution and its guarantees of personal liberty are irrelevant. It does not act to mitigate
the suffering of tens of millions of Americans who now make up a growing and desperate permanent underclass.

And the disparity between the rhetoric of liberal values and the rapacious system of inverted totalitarianism
the liberal class serves makes liberal elites, including Barack Obama, a legitimate source of public ridicule.
The liberal class, whether in universities, the press or the Democratic Party, insists on clinging to its privileges
and comforts even if this forces it to serve as an apologist for the expanding cruelty and exploitation carried out
by the corporate state. 

But wouldn't the Democratic Party be Problem Number One?

Today's Democrats are always helpless and powerless.
No matter who has the White House and no matter who controls congress,
Republican senators are the only ones using their power to stop the other side.

When Bush was raping the Constitution and getting 5,000 soldiers killed,
Democratic senators assured us there was no way possible to stop him.

Yet Obama's hands are tied every time he turns around.



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