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There Will be Blood
Right Wing Rhetoric is Dangerous 


Republicans are angry. Bitter. Hostile. Resentful. Desperate. Hungry for power. 
And ratcheting up the hate-speak to such irresponsible and reprehensible levels that 
one day soon they may have blood on their hands if they don't stop.

We can blame the Tea Party and its de facto leaders--Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, 
Michelle Bachmann, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Rep. Eric Cantor to name a few--for riling up 
Republicans with relentless attacks on President Obama and Democrats using code language and 
euphemisms like "take our country back,""reload," and "gangster government." We've witnessed racial 
and sexual slurs, threats, intimidation, violence, Democrats hanging in effigy...all in an attempt to 
delegitimize Obama's presidency through accusations of radicalism and socialism. As Cantor 
disingenuously claims, Obama wants "to remake America in the image of Europe."

Palin opens every speech by shouting to her audience, "Do you love your Freedom?," as if those 
very freedoms are truly at risk of being taken away. She force-feeds her misguided groupies with
propaganda that Obama's "un-American" policies make America "less free." One Teabagger
over last weekend threatened: "To the elites....we're not going to be worried so much about 
shooting the folks who come to shoot us. We will skip several levels and go straight for their throats." 

The rhetoric has intensified to the point where a new poll shows that 74% of Republicans fear that 
their rights and freedoms are under imminent threat, vs 52% in 1996, after the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

The problem is the people spewing the most hate are making the most money.
Like greedy oil men, even after they reach multi-millionaire status, they want even more.

"Why, I can't be happy with $20M when I know Rush has $400M."
so we get assholes like Glenn Beck, who's a parody of Rush like Colbert is,
but the nutty, racist bastards on the Right take him seriously.

Did you see that snippet recently that, according to James Carville, a high percentage
of Glenn Beck followers think the Clintons are going to have the crying bastard killed?

I made a spooky prediction years ago, maybe around 2005 
that we were currently living in the "good times."
I hate to say it but it turns out I was right.

Bush was raping Lady Liberty daily, he was starting wars like I open a bottle of tequila,
Cheney was shredding the Constitution while allowing Exxon to rape the rest of us, and on and on.

Who knew those would be the "good old days?"

These days if you still have your home, you feel like a winner.
If you still have a job, you feel like a rock star and if you have
anything left in savings, you feel like a goddamn lottery winner.

To make things worse (Why do things always get worse?) we seem headed towards civil war.
The Right-wing monkeys are ready to shed blood - but they can't say why they're angry.

We know why they're angry - "nigger in the White House."

What if things get so bad that Obama has to announce he won't run for a second term?
What if things get so bad that our choices are President Palin or civil war?

I'm not kidding - things could get so bad that 2010 looked like a picnic.

What will it take for our pusillanimous Democrats to list some facts?  Such as:
The Dow is up 70% under Obama - anyone talking about that besides me?
Home prices have stabilized, jobs are coming back - slowly.

But the cable bastards and the nightly news can make more money 
with stories of Teabagger riots than they can with "things are getting better."

The greed thing is what's killing us, too.

If NBC can make $600M with honest journalism or $601M by provoking a bloody civil war,
the sons of bitches want that extra million, goddammit, and they don't care who fucking dies.

...and you say owning a gun is a bad idea?

If we continue down this path towards civl war,
do you really want to bring a baseball bat to a gunfight?

I can't hold off the stupid half of America by myself.

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