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<>Those Lying WaHoPo Whores
  by Glenn Greeenwald


"Here's the reply I received yesterday from Kris Coratti, Director of Communications for the Post:

    Hi Glenn, I passed along your e-mail.  Thank you for your question -- we don't discuss the details of our newsgathering.

    Thank you again,

    Kris Coratti

Coratti sounds like a CIA spokesperson trained by Dick Cheney. Apparently, the Post believes it should be completely
shielded from accountability and has no obligation to answer any questions about how it reports or what information it conceals
from the public.  From now on, every institution ever questioned about anything by The Post should answer the same way: 
we don't discuss the details of our internal operations or decision-making.  It's just bizarre to hear a newspaper, of all things,
adopt the corporatized language of imperious, reflexive secrecy.  The fact that Nakashima felt compelled -- or perhaps is
compelled -- to turn my innocuous inquiries over to corporate communications officials reflects how these newspapers are
indistinguishable in mentality and behavior from any other large corporations which seek to hide rather than disclose what they do. 
This is exactly the type of response one would receive from, say, BP or large telecoms about their surveillance cooperation with the Government.

I'm amazed that journalists wonder why leading media institutions are held in such low esteem. 
How else would a rational person view a media outlet which constantly demands transparency and accountability
from others yet -- using heavy-handed Cheneyite decrees -- explicitly declares that it will not respond to any inquiries
about what it chooses to disclose and conceal?


The Washington Post and the New York Times have been in the bag for the GOP since Reagan.
They were told, "Play ball with us or you get nothing" so they sold out - all of them.

Remember Woodward and Bernstein?
The rule in 1974 was "Get two independent sources or wqe won't print it."

Now their mottos is, "Fuck it, whatever works best for the Republicans."

Blow job?
We have a Constitutional crisis on our hands.

War lies, 5,000 dead and torture?
The people don't have a right to know everything.

Same for the networks and the cable whores didn't even need a paycheck to fall in line.

And you know how I know this for sure?

The worst of the whores testified that he was for sale to the Bush White House - under oath.

"I traded favorable coverage for better access."

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