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Time to fix broken "Idol"


Prod the producers. Do these people have no learning curve at all? Nine seasons in, 
    and they still haven't learned how to finish a live broadcast on time?
Find better contestants. There is talent among the five finalists, though none of them is as yet an "artist" 
Give Ellen a job. You'd think providing the contestants with an entertainer's perspective would be the perfect role 
   for Ellen DeGeneres, who could be using her comments to help these novices become polished performers. 
   Yet it's less clear now than it was at the start what purpose she thinks she's serving, other than to smile 
   and tell them they're great.

He's being nice because (maybe) they're both gay.
But Ellen is a terrible replacement for the lovable and goofy (some say drunk) Paula Abdul.
Her jokes are stale and she screams "Buyer's remorse."
Making things worse, it's Ellen's show next year - can you say "Goodbye Franchise?"

Muzzle Seafoamt. For some of us, just hearing Ryan Seacrest insert that dramatic pause in his introductory 
   "this is American Idol" is enough to set our teeth on edge. But even those who like him must realize he's running amok. .

Here's another suggestion: get mentors that aren't creaky old relics.
It hasn't been as bad this year, but they've had mentors like Dionne Warwick, who had some hits forty years ago.

Worse, all the kids are forced to lie, "Dionne Warwick is why I became a singer," which totally blows.
How can you be a hit show ehen you're catering to the 60-and-older demographic?

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