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Tom Steele - towing the line 


Steele hit on an uncomfortable truth about the futility of the Afghan war. That's true, but that wasn't his point. 
The guy was trying to be a good Republican -- a good Bush-era Republican. He just got confused about what year it is.

People forget this now, but right-wing talk about foreign policy in the Bush years was like a Surrealist European 
art film from the 1960s, one in which the same character could be played by two different actors and the same 
location by different landscapes. When it suited right-wing bloviators, Osama bin Laden was played by Osama bin Laden; 
at other times, he was played by Saddam Hussein. When an al-Qaeda tape surfaced and spreading fear was useful, 
we were told that the most dangerous enemy was in (or was being dispatched from) Afghanistan and Pakistan; 
at other times, Iraq was Afghanistan and Pakistan ("the main front in the War on Terror"). And on and on.

It could be very, very confusing. The one thing right-wingers knew back then was that whatever the 
Bush administration did was right, and whatever deviated from the True Bush Path was treason.  


It's important that Michael Tom Steele keep his job so he can continue to screw up.

But rumor I heard was they might replace him with that Crazy Publicity Whore from Alaska.

That would be plenty OK with me.

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