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Report: Toyota crash data suggests driver error  


Obama's Department of Transportation has analyzed dozens of black boxes in Toyota vehicles involved in accidents
blamed on unintended acceleration, finding the throttles were open and the brakes were not engaged, says The Whore Street Journal.

That suggests that drivers of the speeding cars were stepping on the accelerator rather than hitting the brakes.
The vehicles investigated came from a sample in which the drivers said they were braking but failed to stop the car
before crashing, the newspaper said, citing unnamed sources familiar with the findings.

Obama's Transportation Department officials declined to confirm the report and did not comment.
Toyota spokesman Mike Michels said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not shared its findings
with Toyota but said their own findings from investigations of unintended acceleration are consistent with the report.

The black boxes, called event data recorders, are devices that track a number of details about a vehicle
around the time of an accident, including which pedals were applied and how fast the car was traveling.

Oh, but our lying whore media did their hundreds of breathless reports on the "dangers" of driving a Toyota.
Day after day they pounded them.
How dare those foreigners screw with our innocent Americams?

Then the lawyers got involved and made it worth your while to fake sudden acceleration problems.

<>That one guy, maybe in San Diego, would first speed up and then hit his brakes over 200 times,
all the while screaming to the 911 operator, "My Toyota is trying to kill me!"

How many YEARS will we have to wait for this bullshit Transporation Department report?

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