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Dem-Turned-GOPer Parker Griffith Loses Republican Primary 


Rep. Parker Griffith (R-Traitor), who switched from the Democratic Party in December 2009, has been defeated 
in his Republican primary. Griffith is now the second party-switcher to lose his new party's primary this year, 
following Pennsylvania's Republican-turned-Democratic Senator Arlen Specter.

Griffith has conceded the race. With 99% of precincts reporting, Brooks has 51% of the vote -- just above the 50% 
needed to win without a runoff -- with Griffith at 33% and businessman Les Phillip with 16%. Griffith was elected to 
a Democratic-held open seat in 2008, winning a 51%-49% race in a district that John McCain carried 61%-38%. 

He switched parties in 2009, citing the health care bill and Democratic spending as major reasons for his decision, 
after having already voted against such big-ticket Democratic items as the stimulus, cap-and-trade and health care.

Although Griffith was welcomed with open arms into the Republican caucus, his Republican opponents did not back out
-- Brooks and Phillip had already been running to take on the Democrat Griffith. And Republican primary voters have agreed 
with their decision. Brooks, who had the endorsement of local Tea Party activists and Griffith's 2008 opponent, Wayne Parker,
was able to dislodge the incumbent pretty easily.

This is good news.
Let the word go out - when you change parties you're not worth a vote 
because YOU can't be trusted nobody knows what you stand for.

Goodbye, Traitor.
I hope you have trouble finding a job.

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