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Catholics: Transgressions And Money 
 How one rapist built an empire worth billions


For years, Father Marcial Maciel evaded numerous accusations of sexual abuse -- even as he built a 
rich and powerful order of the Catholic Church. Maciel's Legion of Christ now controls assets worth 
billions of dollars. A new investigative report explores whether Maciel's ability to bring in money 
influenced his treatment by the Vatican.

This shithead is like Charlie Sheen or PittsburgH's Ben Roethlisberger - but worse.
As long as he was making money for "the network' they allowed him to commit the worst of crimes.

After Maciel died in 2008, the Legion admitted that Maciel fathered a daughter. Several men came forward 
saying they were his sons. But that was overshadowed by years of reports -- ignored by the Vatican -- that 
Father Maciel sexually abused young seminarians.

That won't even get the Pope's attention.
How's he expected to sift thru hundreds (or thousands) of rape complaints per day?

Investigative journalist Jason Berry's series on Father Maciel in the National Catholic Reporter suggests that 
his ability to raise money may have played a role in keeping Maciel in the priesthood, despite accusations made against him.

Are you trying to say this worldwide, organized rape scam is about money?

"He seems to have had this militant sense of spirituality, and he was a genius at fundraising," Berry says. 
"From the earliest years of his involvement with high church officials, he always had money, lots of it."

But Maciel's trouble in the church began early. Berry lists an addiction to morphine 
and accusations of making sexual advances at young seminarians as early as 1956. 

Son of a bitch.
Those raping Catholics let this monster attack little boys for 53 years?

Wild guess of three times a week is 150 rapes per year - times 53 years?
That's between 7,000 and 8,000 rapes, if my estimates are close.

...but "he always had money" so the bastards looked the other way.


I assume Eric Holder and Obama want to "look forward" on this, too?

If YOU have kids in the Catholic Church, you're gambling.
Why would you gamble with the sexual sanity of your kids?

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