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Tulsa home invader loses fingers
If this guy knocks, don't open the door


A Tulsa man who had two fingers shot off during a home invasion was booked into the Tulsa Jail late Monday.

Bobby James Lewis, 23, was arrested on complaints of robbery with a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon,
first-degree burglary and knowingly concealing stolen property. His bail was set at $96,500.

Police allege that Lewis and an accomplice kicked in the door to a home in South Tulsa about 7 a.m. Saturday
while another person waited in a getaway car. The homeowner, Larry Ryan, 59, fought back.

Ryan said the bandits yelled, “Give me the money!” as they pointed guns directly at his head.
He said he grabbed for one of the weapons and that a struggle ensued. While he was being pistol-whipped by one
robber, the gun Ryan had grabbed discharged and shot off two of the other robber’s fingers, Ryan said Saturday.  ha ha

We seem to be having a home invasion every week here in sleepy old Tulsa.

Most recent home invasions involve the victim being out in the middle of the night and being followed home,
but this why-own-a-gun Tulsan was sleeping when his nightmare began.

Did the scumbags know the victim wasn't a gun owner?
It's a gamble invading Knuckledrag homes because Teabagger Rethugs tend to own firearms.

<>Spiderhead got lucky in just losing two fingers.  In an earlier report, police said,
Ryan (the homeowner) said he then took the gun, placed it behind the man’s head and pulled the trigger.
“It didn’t discharge,” Ryan said. “I was going to kill him.”

That's why I own Glocks.
If some scumbag needs dying, I need a gun I can depend on.

So what do you "Guns are bad" people do when the scumbags kick in your door?
Do you play the Democrat card and beg the scumbags, "Please don't kill me?"

Do you call Rachel Maddow and ask her advice?

I've been asking that question for 15 years - never got a good response.
Generally, they reply, "Well, how often does that happen?"

If you're unarmed, the answer is "Once."

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