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Twenty Shot, Six Killed
but Sarah Palin is the real victim!

 by Willaim Rivers Pitt


So let me get this straight.

Twenty people were gunned down at a supermarket in Arizona on Saturday. Six were killed,
including a nine-year-old girl. Fourteen others were wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords,
who was the main target of the attack, and who was shot through the head. She is currently lying
in a hospital bed with half of her skull removed because brain swelling from her bullet wound could kill her.

Twenty people shot.
Six killed.
Fourteen wounded.
And guess what?

It appears Sarah Palin is the principal victim of the shooting.

No, really.

Don't believe me? Watch the video she posted to her Facebook page. There she sits, in front of a
fireplace and beside an American flag like some cruel joke on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wreathing
herself in pity because people are coming to the conclusion that politicians like her - the ones who
have spent the last two years talking about guns and civil war and reloading and such - should bear
some of the blame for what happened in Arizona.

How on Earth could anyone come to such an irresponsible and reprehensible conclusion?

I'd never heard the term "blood libel" until Wednesday, (I thought they meant 'blood liable')
but I knew it was big trouble the minute those words hit my ears.

Leave it to the Publicity Whore to find new and faster ways to piss people off.
Deservedly, Palin is taking a public beating now like we rarely see in politics.
She's becoming the "Chris Brown" of the Republican Party.   What Chris Brown did.

Whatever her negatives were a week ago, I assume she's ten points worse off today.
same for the Pigboy, but he can't grab 20% of the attention that the PW grabs.

Don't you know Bitch & Boner are saying, "How can we get rid of this monster?"
while Magic Underwear Mitt is saying, "No, not yet!  Not for another year or so!"

Romney wants to be "the sane one" standing next to the PW in the GOP primary debates.

BTW, that video is a riot!
She's using Bush's inappropriate smirk, over and over again .

Thanks for being YOU, Sarah!


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