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Subject: U R right on Helen Thomas

Hi, Bart,

Helen Thomas bashers are wrong and you are right. I saw the video on The Daily Show, 
and unlike most edited versions, you hear her say the Jews should go HOME to Poland or Germany. 

That IS where they lived for centuries, and in a lot of Europe. She wasn't saying that 
they should go back to Nazi land to be wiped out, as many are saying she meant.

She should not have been forced into retirement by this 
and I hope she comes back to journalism--we need her.
 Boston Jane

In context, she said, "They should go back to the United States," 
apparently meaning that she wants American Jews to stop moving to Israel.

We don't have any ovens, but the whore press wanted to punish her
so they "sexed up" her quote to make her appear more guilty.

Even if you hate Helen Thomas and love Israel unconditionally you, 
the reader, should be angry that our whore press distorted her quote.

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